Camouflage: Case 01

Scrolling through new indie RPG releases, I have stumbled upon an interesting game on namely Camouflage.


At first, one might think it is some kind of a shooting game like Call of Duty or maybe a survival game like a recently beta-released indie game called Raft.

That’s what I thought so too at first. It fooled me. (Though, I knew it was an RPG. Thanks to the tags!)

Camouflage is a mystery-solving RPG which plot revolves around the residence of the family Ellios. The player-character should navigate through the given maps to investigate and collect clues in order to find the suspect behind the sudden disappearance of its residents.

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For starters, this game is a bit confusing. It’s like, What the heck am I supposed to do!?”

My advice, “Read the instructions, dude.”(In the introduction, there is a guide for the objectives of the game.)

Then you might then get bored because you still couldn’t see the pattern.

Another advice, “A little exploration might help…”

While collecting evidences you will then think that they do not have any connection at all! (I know the feels…)

But then again, after finding enough (like six?) evidences, you’ll find yourself in the second floor writing down the name of the suspect and get on with the credits screen still perplexed on what actually happened. Yey!

One attractive feature however is…GENOCIDE! (Heard it right.)

I guess this ending is the clearer version of how the story took place after all.

Getting the finale, I realized that this game taught me to become more observant and cautious with my surroundings. Majority of the games today are too easy to accomplish and actually boring afterall. This game is  simple, yet fulfilling in the feeling of a game enthusiast like me.

If you are curious and brave enough…let the game begin!
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